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How do you define a star cluster? What we may see is a group of bright stars but not being able to see the 3rd dimension

  • bjm53 by bjm53

    I was trying to add we cannot see the 3rd dimension and therefore these clusters may not be anywhere as close to each other as they seem??


  • JCoop by JCoop

    That's a good question. I go by the sample images and also personal astronomy experience. Many clusters are obvious but as you say, some aren't. But as has been said here periodically, if in doubt, mark it. And as ElisabethB is prone to say, "Have fun!".


  • jules by jules moderator

    Good advice. I looked at people's collections of star clusters - which helped a lot. Then once I got my eye in I collected my own - it's here if it helps. You can search for others. With the tricky ones just go with what you think, the wisdom of the crowds will sort it in the end.