The Milky Way Project Talk


  • katieofoz by katieofoz

    Could someone post some examples of found galaxies. Im always on the lookout but yet to find them at all. The examples in the tutorial are magnified I believe


  • pablomanuk by pablomanuk

    ahh yes i often find it hard to be sure that ive selected a galaxy.
    (usually tend to go with what i "think" is one, and hope that if other click it too, then the law of averages kicks in and picks up on the fact that several people are marking something as one, but yes, i think its good to have some more examples.

    (i guess keeping things open to an extent is still good though, eg it lets people make judgments if they "think" its one)


  • Cahethel by Cahethel

    Sometimes i find objects which look like E0 and E3 galaxies, but very small, and i've been classifying some of them as such. The problem is that sometimes i'm afraid i'm classifying small fuzzy red objects as galaxies.

    Is there any example of what elliptical galaxies look like in these pics, just to be sure?


  • PattyD by PattyD

    Gakk! I found one, but I didn't know enough about the board to even make it a favorite. Sigh.... But if you visit Galaxy Zoo Hubble, you can get a great feel for what they look like. I think they are burned into my brain now. Don't forget these objects are very distant and won't necessarily be clear.


  • UncleClover by UncleClover

    Another thing to look out for on the smaller, less certain-looking ones: Sometimes you'll see what looks like it could be an arm of a galaxy sticking off ever so slightly to the side of a point of light - maybe even off both sides. You really have to make sure it's not just an image artifact, though - other stars that aren't as bright might look like they have the same thing if you look closely enough. If you see other points of light with the same general "bumps" on their sides, and they're pointing in the same direction as the bumps on other stars, it's not a galaxy.

    Not that I'm an expert on galaxies, mind you - but I do know a thing or two about lens flares. 😉