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?? About the data collection process

  • katieofoz by katieofoz

    I was just wondering about a few thing that someone here might be able to answer.

    • Im assuming the data collected for each image is compiled and if a similar marking shows up a certain number of times someone (with actual qualifications) looks at the image and classifies it? Is this right?
    • From the data collected is there anything that looks at how often a person is correct in their markings? Like some sort of way of ranking the user based on their observations?
    • What is done with the compiled data afterwards? Is it based off the average of observations or are areas looked at by qualified individuals to map it more accurately?
      This info is probably somewhere but i have no idea where to look.


  • MagdaPotter by MagdaPotter

    I want to help you, but I'm polish, and I don't uderstand your questions.


  • skendrew by skendrew scientist, admin

    Hi katie - I wrote a blog post some time ago answering these questions. If you haven't seen it yet, it's here: