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Star clusters & other objects

  • kforshaw12 by kforshaw12

    It would be really helpful if the examples were shown marked in the tutorial as well as bubbles and green knots! There's such a variety in the appearance of star clusters, fuzzy red objects & the like that it's sometimes difficult to know what to mark.


  • LarryW by LarryW

    Thanks for the nice examples !


  • Nobias by Nobias

    Hi, Some way to annotate images would be nice. So I don't know if in image AMW0000zft of your examples - whether you noticed there are two star clusters or only one?


  • gwolfchase by gwolfchase scientist

    Hi! In a discussion thread, you can use the yellow star icon on the rich text editor to annotate a region of the image to highlight what you're talking about.


  • paraphernaliaaa by paraphernaliaaa

    How do I draw out a star cluster? Do i mark out the individual stars and indicate each star as a star cluster?


  • Fleshgod by Fleshgod

    Just mark the whole cluster as a 'cluster' 😛