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Anomalous Oddities

  • TheseWoodsBreathedEvil by TheseWoodsBreathedEvil

    What causes this?

    I found this image, and this does show up in another person's image on the board very briefly in one of his shots: < seen in the top center.

    It is entirely possible that what I'm seeing may be an effect of distortion due to the effect of gravity along the object itself; supposedly a star. But it certainly did make me question. Is it possible that what the main above (first image), is displaying a star several magnitudes larger than anything else that has been documented before; and that the its gravity well has made it so that stars smaller than it are in orbit around it? Thus you have an object that is as luminous as a supernova (top center in red) and retaining a (supposedly) symmetrical pattern of lights around it. It is also present in the light source left of it, and finally one near the bottom left.

    Incidentally, near the bottom left Star-ring Star (I shall use that name from now on), directly above it is another interesting sight. Up and left of it, there is another light source in red that seems to be trailing smaller red light sources itself. Interestingly enough (conjecture), the pattern by which the smaller light sources are trailing seems to be almost as if the main light source has a tail. Where the star is immensely massive and has managed to capture various other lesser stars and over the course of the next ten or hundred million years, will then achieve the same pattern that the upper two and lower light sources have achieved.

    I do want to make note that while I do believe in the source highly technologically advanced civilizations and the Kardashev scale, I do not associate that with this image. As far as the theory and logic behind the core (above) of this post.

    That said though, personally, I think its a class III civilization making art at a universal scale for the lesser civilizations to look through their telescopes, be mesmerized by it and launch a whole slew of new physics and astrophysics to determine what causes this; whether its natural or artificial, and based on the answer then determine whether they are alone or not in this grand universe. 😄

    Let me know your thoughts.


  • Emissary_to_the_Void by Emissary_to_the_Void

    There may be a black hole in the area that is causing the stars to orbit after blowing them away during its supernova phase then over time drew in all of the much less massive dust material while leaving the relatively distant ring of stars. Just because something in nature looks exact, that does not mean it is automatically from an Alien civilization


  • chelseanr by chelseanr

    I do believe the two with the ring of lights around them are planetary nebulas, there is a post somewhere confirming this is what they look like. The more central one with a trail is interesting and I'm not sure of what it could be...


  • Mirsathia by Mirsathia

    Obviously the Puppeteers are fleeing the explosion in the center of the galaxy, and you've spotted their fleet of worlds!

    Or it's a light artifact derived partially from the compression of the image. Take your pick as to which is more likely! ;o


  • Gaumondd by Gaumondd

    I'm thinking the red one with the lights around it is a lens for the whiter one. What the lights are around it, I'm not sure. Could be alien life or...Einsteins' cross. I remember seeing an image of this illusion and I forgot exactly what it looked like but could this be related?


  • gjcirish by gjcirish

    I've always thought it was an optical effect caused by how the camera captures very close stars. I definately do not think the dots are obiting stars- they are way too symmetrical for that. It is possible it ould be some type of gravitational lensing, though.