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Colors in Milky Way Project images

  • gwolfchase by gwolfchase scientist

    The MWP uses 3-color images (red, green, blue) to highlight different wavelengths of infrared light. Where more than one of these colors overlap, you will see other colors such as violet or yellow. Sometimes this combination comes from one object, other times it is because of objects at different distances along our line of sight. In this case, I suspect that the violet color comes from a combination of warm dust (which typically shows up red in images) and stars that typically show up blue.


  • Ken_Koester by Ken_Koester

    Yah, I started thinking that way today. It's just unexpected to see 4 objects together like that, when i hadn't seen any at all before then. . . .


  • broomrider1970 by broomrider1970

    I've also seen very brilliant magenta colored balls without anything else covering them. Very beautiful truly.