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Is this a supernova?

  • suelaine by suelaine

    Looks like an orange cut in half.


  • MagdaPotter by MagdaPotter

    I can't answer your question, because I'm amateur. Can you tall me about supernova?


  • skendrew by skendrew scientist, admin

    Suelaine - it does look a little like a supernova remnant but the central star you can see is actually a very massive star that is approaching the end of its life. It's in a phase called the Luminous Blue Variable stage, where such stars become a little unstable and shed their outer layers into the sort of shell you can see here. It's called (not exciting, sorry!) G24.2+0.69, and it's described in detail in this very recent paper:, in case you're interested (click on the pdf link on the right to download the paper). It's a neat find - only around a dozen of these LBV stars are known in the Galaxy! But yeah, I agree that it really does just look like an orange 😃