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Dark Matter

  • MattKate by MattKate

    Could somebody enlighten me as to what exactly is dark matter? Thanks


  • Mote by Mote

    anything light cannot interact with. it is only "dark" because we have no idea what it is. we know it must exist to compensate for the expansion of our perceivable universe (along with dark energy) as referenced by Einstein's cosmological constant.


  • VSK2000 by VSK2000

    the dark matter is opposite of matter when the come together they burst and release gamma rays they composite of p-,e+and n they are usually dark and we cannot see through telescope


  • Fleshgod by Fleshgod

    Vsk2000, you mixed it up. The matter you speak about is Antimatter and not Dark matter.
    Dark matter is something where also scientists don't know very much about it. The problem is that the 'normal' matter as well as light (mote already mentioned it) don't interact with it. Therefore it is also very difficult to detect it and to prove if it's really there.
    The fact is that we know it must exist, but nobody on this world will be able to answer you the question 'what exactly it is'.