The Milky Way Project Talk

Anyone out there tonight?

  • CherylBrist by CherylBrist

    Look at this amazing pic! It has 13 red stars around it with lights going to each one and a center red with a bright light in center. It has got to be a vessel of some sort. If it is possibly a star let me know but I doubt it is at this point.


  • Fleshgod by Fleshgod

    You have to get away from the belief that everything you can see is an object. The 13 red points around the star surely aren't Stars. It would be amazing if stars would form in such constellations, but unfortunately it isn't that easy.
    I think the environment of the yellow ball that you see as 13 stars and lights going to each of them, are merely some kind of contortion of the telescope!
    Continue interpreting data and maybe try to read some scientific articles about bubbles and you will gain more and more knowledge about this topic soon! 😃