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Swirls on the left side

  • i_am_owens by i_am_owens

    Anyone have any thoughts on the swirls/rings in the upper left quadrant here? I see three, maybe four distinct objects that seem to be in order of increasing size starting from the bright red dot in the upper left corner and swinging down counterclockwise to the large one slightly left of center.

    I'm new here, but these look interesting - not like bubbles per se, more like... well, it looks like something spinning and spewing gas or dust into space.


  • RLBeaton by RLBeaton scientist

    Hi -- Bubbles can take on different shapes depending on how we view them. Id say these probably look more like pillars, but its hard to say with the effects of how we are seeing the objects. This is one of the trickiest parts of Astronomy!

    So, you can flag them as bubbles and as other if you would like. This classification helps to ensure that both science teams will see the object.