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"EGO" tutorial instruction too vague

  • jpepin by jpepin

    It is a bit vague. I'm not sure how that green dot differs from the other dots in the image.


  • Orlus by Orlus

    I've seen a few other smaller green dots. I wasn't sure if they were just stars whose color had been distorted due to the gas cloud thing.


  • Rhoshard by Rhoshard

    Yeah, my first reaction was "what? where?" and then the EGOs are so small I can't tell them from stars.
    Maybe the whole point is that they're hard to spot and help is needed.


  • jules by jules moderator

    I think you're absolutely right! They are unusual and some are very hard to spot. You might find it useful to have a look at some collections (via search) for further examples of what other people are classifying as EGOs. I do that all the time. 😉