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A Stunning Example of the MWP's Complexity

  • ttfnrob by ttfnrob admin, scientist

    Just wanted to share this image as an amazing example of why people are better at computers - and why we need a lot of people to go over each image.

    There are many bubbles and sub-bubbles in this pictures, overlaid onto a bright region which will confuse computer algorithms (and some people) - the beauty of crowd-sourcing means that you can help us pick out the structures that are real along with a confidence level for how real they are.

    Also, computers don't appreciate these images as much as humans will.


  • Feylin by Feylin

    its a pleasure to spend a long time finding all bubbles, sub-bubbles, and points of interest in such a beautiful image 😃 it might be confusing, yea, but I love doing it. Especially when I get big, beautiful pic's with loads of detail. Those are much more fun to look at and to analyse.


  • broomrider1970 by broomrider1970

    I love the more complex images too Feylin! Absolutely Gorgeous!


  • cchampagne by cchampagne

    How many did you count? I counted about twenty, but there are probably more.