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A Bubble and Non-Bubble

  • ttfnrob by ttfnrob admin, scientist

    This image shows really well an example of a beautiful bubble (bottom-left) and also an object that isn't a bubble but some people might think it is (middle-left). This is one of my favourites.


  • jules by jules moderator

    So what is a non-bubble really? 😉


  • msp18 by msp18 scientist

    I think the second object IS actually a bubble (or two)!


  • pablomanuk by pablomanuk

    oops i posted the below initially on the object page:

    nice, & also in right side theres a patch of #dark

    i would have also marked the smaller middle one as a bubble:upper right part of that area


  • ttfnrob by ttfnrob admin, scientist in response to msp18's comment.

    Yeah I agree that the top object is likely two or more bubbles butting-up against each other.


  • Feylin by Feylin

    how should we mark that then? As a bubble? Other? Green knot...???
    I usually tag things as bubble as there is also obviously red seen in there, otherwise I often tag it as green knot.