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Jewels and Pac Man

  • ttfnrob by ttfnrob admin, scientist

    This image has it all! There's "Pac Man":(237x259@129,522) on the right, an intriguing "red thing":(50x52@219,79) and a beautiful "jewellery box":(144x79@316,77) of (I'm guessing) protostars that have recently formed.


  • kirbyjp by kirbyjp

    lol, could we add "jewelery box" as a describable item, I have seen these and just marked them "other".


  • chairstar by chairstar

    Might even be cause to say a small star cluster just above the red nebul(ous) spot at 5:00 low.

    That bright white object with reddish spikes is great too! (7:00 low)

    Great photo like you said!