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#fuzzyredobject in the middle of a bubble

  • kirbyjp by kirbyjp

    Should we be marking the #fuzzyredobjects (fuzzy red object) in the middle of a green bubble? The tutorial did not explicitily specify. In this example, the upper left corner has a faint fuzzy red in the middle of a green bubble. For that matter, the beautiful bubble that makes the letter O in "The Milky Way PrOject" (as seen at the top of this page) is another example. It contains a gorgeous red smudge right in the middle. Are we to capture these as well?


  • broomrider1970 by broomrider1970

    I mark both the top red fuzzy objects, the left one, the middle as well as middle bottom and right top. As well as the nebula, so I can add the nebulas to my collection. 😃