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'mini' zooniverse?

  • prefoglia by prefoglia

    I try to enumerate the objects here:

    • Green Knots, lots
    • Fuzzy Red Objects, one or more?
    • Bubbles, lots and different sizes
    • Anything else?

    I find this picture very interesting in order to learn how to choose the appropriate mark or tool for an object.
    To help to define the limits of "to be or not to be" an interesting remarkable KIND of object for this project.
    For beginners like me.


  • KhalilaRedBird by KhalilaRedBird

    I didn't find any galaxies, but I did find:

    "fuzzy red object":(30x30@123,227)"green knot":(30x30@270,63)"yellowball, but map it as a green knot":(14x16@213,381)"bubble open with fuzzy red object inside":(55x51@271,324)"dark nebulae and dark sphere cluster":(171x154@244,357)"planetary nebulae??":(47x46@136,528)"supernova remnant":(119x174@34,673)"former bubbles ":(100x78@319,57)"planetary nebula per GLIMPSE viewer":(30x30@11,0)"dark nebulae irregular edges":(188x135@182,544)"center of an explosion nova? could be a dark sphere":(18x21@227,510)"center of explosion ?dark sphere":(30x30@117,281)"growing starcluster":(65x55@114,343)"cluster of dark spheres":(51x82@81,0)"busy bubble":(63x87@209,734)"star and dark sphere cluster":(56x56@172,398)"dark sphere":(30x30@346,639)"dark sphere cluster":(159x98@194,223)