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Galaxies vs Fuzzy Reds.

  • murrayles by murrayles

    There are several objects I find hard to classify and am looking for pointers.
    First I often see indistinct fuzzy red blobs. My gut feeling is they are distant galaxies. An example is just right of center below the big red blobbie. It is faint, fuzzy and indistinct. It definitely is not a star. Seems too small distant and diffuse, but I wanted second opinions. There are two more. One just above the green knot on the right hand side, one just to the right of it as well. Also the two green nebulas are hard to classify. Three green knots, but you could also classify them as bubbles since they have an indistinct bubble around them.


  • norfolkharryuk by norfolkharryuk

    Great questions, I agree in the main. I think the red diffuse "not-stars" are very galaxy like and have been clasifying as such, but I see two bubbles (small) and one green knot!