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New Formation

  • tyna_anna by tyna_anna

    Hello all, just spotted this a short while ago. The orange object on the right seems to be forming into a sphere - any thoughts as to what it could be?


  • Ranchi by Ranchi

    It looks like the one I saw in ( "AMW0000xih") that I guessed was a planetary nebula but dunno... I would like to know what else we can't see obscured by the big star and the dark nebulae just to the left of it.


  • tyna_anna by tyna_anna in response to Ranchi's comment.

    You're right about the star on the left. I'm also wondering about the cut-off parts on the right. Perhaps more spheres? Or other stars? It could be that this orange globe is part of other formations and we're only seeing the edge....hmmm...