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Dark nebulae

  • KhalilaRedBird by KhalilaRedBird

    This object has several examples of dark nebulae surrounding a star like petals of a flower. Most if not all dark nebulae that I have found are perfect circles or ellipses. The arcs of bubble in other objects seem to center on the middle of an ellipse or circle of dark nebule OR on a star, which helps me construct the bubble very quickly. There are quite a few circles of dark nebulae (maybe not in this object, but in others, with a star at the perfect center. Often I can spot the dark nebulae by the strings of stars that define its boundary.

    It appears to me that dark nebulae are more contributors than effects of the bubbles. The most bubble activity seems to occur where multiple bubbles meet.

    In the long run, it might be possible to reconstruct the sequence of events, just as we did in geology when faced with geologic maps and sequences.