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The Green Lady

  • 3ddvproducer by 3ddvproducer

    Amazingly this looks like the upper torso, outstretched arms, neck, and head in the center of this frame. The Green Lady Nebula!


  • ttfnrob by ttfnrob admin, scientist

    Yes, it does. In fact I'd say it was a mermaid - i see a tail dropping down to the right.


  • Bronco46 by Bronco46

    I see a bird of prey coming in some small prey animal. I see out stretched wings a small head in the middle and even out stretched legs and talons.
    I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder.


  • ihuston by ihuston

    Really...How about a Christmas tree on fire!


  • Nemocyst by Nemocyst

    I can see a Cray Fish, with outstreatched claws to the left and tail to the top right.... haha


  • gumbo by gumbo