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bubble edges of green knots

  • KhalilaRedBird by KhalilaRedBird

    Upper left corner of this object, there is an arc of green with a chain of green knots. Could the green knots be potential stars that are the ones lining the interfaces between dark nebulae and starry skies?? There are more green knot arcs in the upper right.


  • reidums by reidums scientist

    It looks like that arc in the upper left is probably part of a bubble that can't be seen completely in this view (since there's red inside the arc). I see knots in the arc, and possibly a green point source as well. The knots are bits of the shock front region that are denser. It's hard to say whether they were denser part of the cloud to begin with and show up brighter after getting shocked, or whether the shock front actually plays a role in condensing these knots, that's one of the things scientists are working on.