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galaxy, dark nebulae, burst patterns

  • KhalilaRedBird by KhalilaRedBird

    "Galaxy is visible in GLIMPSE viewer at , but the rest of the brown/yellow is not.":(30x30@96,494)"Dark nebula ringed with stars, in field of star stuff.":(76x85@265,717)"Very nice dark nebula surrounded by stars and stuff, crisp elliptical edges, center of burst pattern.":(68x52@301,234)"Several dark nebulae surround center of burst pattern.":(150x122@181,264)"Dark nebula surrounded":(66x73@41,43)"Dark nebula, w stars on radial from a burst -- a common sight":(69x54@43,677)"center of burst --> see dark nebula to the right":(30x30@39,606)"Several dark nebulae":(138x121@35,448)