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dark spheres vs dark clouds and the fabric of the galaxy

  • KhalilaRedBird by KhalilaRedBird

    "dark nebula with irregular borders obscures background":(205x146@0,37)"dark sphere ringed by stars -- could this be dark matter?":(30x30@157,580)"dark sphere -- was the center of an explosion see lines of stars radiating from center":(21x23@210,465)"dark sphere with pair of stars -- could this pair be a single star behind dark matter as mini gravitational lens?":(30x30@102,633)"dark sphere, center of explosion, 2 pairs of stars on edge":(30x30@274,536)"clump of dark spheres and spheroids":(74x77@267,421)"dark sphere? at center of explosion":(23x26@107,45)"dark sphere? with 2 stars?":(30x30@105,57)"clump of dark spheres, centers of multiple explosions":(64x70@166,228)"hmmmm?":(53x51@261,330)"clumps of dark spheres":(138x171@94,656)"dark sphere at hotbed of activity":(30x30@320,551)
    see Discussion on the fabric of the galaxy.