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Zooooming in.....

  • Zeusest by Zeusest

    Okay, I'm brand new to the site and applaud the creators. I have not yet attempted to find any bubbles on this site but have so by dragging this digital to my desktop and zoom in. I watched the training videos and did not see this technique available. When I did, there were so many little bubbles with little stars at the centers. I think so many bubbles will be over looked without the capability of zooming in. Well, maybe I'm wrong - I'll try my hand at identifying a nebula's.


  • galaxywanderer by galaxywanderer

    yes zooming in would be a very nice tool


  • Ken_Koester by Ken_Koester

    Your browser may have this function. In Firefox, cntl + will zoom in & cntl - will zoom out.