The Milky Way Project Talk

0.0600000, 351.4300000

  • siderialniac by siderialniac

    in the upper left of frame there appear t be two Star formation events. Hoe are these catalogued, ? as fussy red or green knots? they hardly have bubble shape. instead they appear to be a pressure fron on a dark nebula. the dark nebula is not evident in the image.


  • Ken_Koester by Ken_Koester

    I'd mark them as bubbles or small bubbles, and mark the yellow knots as well, as other.



  • curti_m by curti_m

    One event, the green is part of the bubble. I've wondered how to mark these, too. The bubble is hiding behind itself!


  • sdewitt by sdewitt

    Quite subjective. Two small bubbles with 2 green knots I would guess