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red and yellow object in the left

  • Davidtuch by Davidtuch

    a black hole eatin something? --> White center and yellow gas(?) beeing sucked in?
    or just two stars colliding?


  • Fleshgod by Fleshgod

    neither nor
    Yellow emission forms when very intense red and green emission somehow overlap or mix together.
    It isn't completely secure what exactly this yellow emission should be attached to.
    One assumption are ultracompact HII-regions e.g. very hot regions of ionized gas and dust.

    The collision of 2 stars is in general very unlikely. in the universe things aren't as we are used to it. On our earth we can throw 2 Balls against each other and they will collide. In the universe the so called gravitation has an tremendously higher effect than on earth. Especially when you consider two very massive objects like stars! They won't crash. They will circle around each other in defined orbits. That's the birth of a binary star system.
    Furthermore there's soooooo much space between two objects like stars, that it's also very unlikely that one of them even gets into the field of gravitational force of the óther one.