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Stars in circles

  • maverick975 by maverick975

    I am finding stars in circular patterns with no dust clouds. Are those old bubbles, but the compressed dust formed into new stars? Should I be marking them?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Could you post an example of this ?


  • RLBeaton by RLBeaton scientist

    Yes -- please point us to an example!


  • bjm53 by bjm53

    I placed a similar question with sample under Circular and Oval star formations on the science board about a week ago.


  • Nakedeye2 by Nakedeye2

    I saw similar patterns too in AMW0000sl7 and two days ago I called them #post-bubble clusters. Similar arcs of stars can be seen e.g. in AMW0000kal, AMW0000q8g, AMW0000spk, AMW0000oyg and in others images.