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  • aussiegoodstuff by aussiegoodstuff

    Hi all. I am new to this site, near 70y.o. and am really enjoying the process, as I have always been interested in science - studied it but followed my art instincts instead. I am a bit bemused as to why I would get the same (excellent) image 5 times in 4 hours of classifying. My understanding is that there are millions of images needing classification. It seems like I might just get to see a relative few over and over again. Maybe I'm not doing it right, and have received a C grade for classification? I understand that each image would need to be seen a number of times before it is reviewed by a scientist. Is there something I am missing here? I want to keep up my enthusiasm for the opportunity to see these awesome images, but I think I will get sick of seeing the same ones over and over!


  • mrjackoboy by mrjackoboy

    Same situation here ~ this one popped up twice in a matter of minutes.

    Not that I am grumbling ~ its awesome