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When viewing favorites, how do I show the image full screen?

  • chame1eon by chame1eon

    I have saved some favorites. I see a list of small thumb nails. When I click on one I get a slightly bigger image that shows up on the upper left screen. I can click on collect and add it to a collection or favorites., but I don't see a way to view the image full screen.


  • Zooniverse99 by Zooniverse99 in response to chame1eon's comment.

    I asked the same question about the image pages we are classifying. This reply works well for me on the classifying and favorites pages.

    Try ctrl+scroll in firefox at least and to reset use ctrl+0

    I am using a PC and do not have firefox. Hope this helps.


  • moonanga by moonanga

    On google chrome you can right click on the image and either "copy image url" and paste it on another tab or just go straight to "open image in new tab" and i just checked the ctrl+scroll also helps


  • jules by jules moderator

    In Firefox, right click on the slightly bigger image then "view image." Any good?