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Collection: Most Favourited Images

by ttfnrob

The most favourited images from users up to January 2011



  • masla1 by masla1

    Amazing images. I'm new at this as well, so I'm sure I'm not getting all or as much of what I could get out of the images. Just keep going!


  • Bronco46 by Bronco46

    Amazing collection of bubbles. Makes you feel incredibly small and insignificant.


  • HavlaM by HavlaM

    It is wonderful to look at these incredible, beautiful images. I also doubt myself when identifing objects. Feedback would be great.


  • styman by styman

    i was wondering is there anyway you can see images that were processed on
    your person computer? that would really be something


  • UsuallyWrong by UsuallyWrong

    Really enjoy taking part in this project, the images are reward enough to keep me going.Only thing Id like to see is feedback on the images.


  • ycaruth1 by ycaruth1

    Very cool to see images like this when I was marking bubbles. Like Jharp I wish I felt more confident at discriminating. Very cool project!


  • jharp by jharp

    I would really like some input on what I am seeing in these images. I've taken the tutorial a couple of times and studied some images, but I'm still uncofident in my ability to discern green knots, neublae, etc. Are others having similar difficulties? Perhaps I need to train my eye more. Would anyone be willing to comment on what kinds of objects appear in the images above? I love being a part of this project and would like help in getting better at the work.


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