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Collection: Examples of Green Knots

by ttfnrob

To help people who want to know what green knots look like in these images - here are some examples.



  • ZooPa by ZooPa

    Scientists team should mark these knots on the images / exemples. This may avoid missleading. I put as many flags as it seems...?Efficiency


  • Matty-Gee by Matty-Gee

    Still really confused, what discerns them from small bubbles or huge concentrations of green?


  • Fishquill by Fishquill

    The green knots are recognizable by the brilliant yellow-gold point at the end of the green spike or wisp of gas.


  • Darkinyron by Darkinyron

    Yah for real can someone actually ANSWER the questions? You people can't be getting accurate pix if we don't even know what we're looking at


  • akhmadh by akhmadh

    can anyone highlight the green knot....dont know how to identify


  • LorraineMae by LorraineMae

    Never seen a green knot before and better pics are needed, I can't see them in the provided examples.


  • webdes_44 by webdes_44

    More guidance is needed for locating items on these images, also the ability to enlarge the image a little might help too


  • RobStar69 by RobStar69

    I am confused about green knots too. Doesn´t really help that the tutorial doesn´t actually point out the precise parts of pictures


  • KySue by KySue

    Why isnt anyone responding. Not so cool


  • TLSanders by TLSanders

    in the tutorial, green knots are marked where I see nothing. I also can't tell from these pictures which are the green knots.


  • Fergie by Fergie

    Green knots are more compressed than small bubbles. They actually look like a knot at the end of a piece of thread minus the string.


  • CaptainSchmoo by CaptainSchmoo

    I'm not sure but I think green knots are the bright green wisps without a red ball inside of them. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.


  • curti_m by curti_m

    green knot: pic #6 - right side, top between 2 red objects. Green knots may become red fuzzys if they compress enough to warm up a bit.


  • Falcon48 by Falcon48

    It would help if you'd indicate what are green knots! Are green knots sometimes red, e.g.?


  • by

    i'm reading all these questions, where are the answers? The examples need to be highlighted and the objects's vague ,confusi


  • Helice by Helice

    What makes a green knot different from a bright part of a bubble?


  • chris2108126 by chris2108126

    Please show the markings so we can see what exactly they are calling green knots. A lot of these look like bubbles.


  • drhoobad by drhoobad

    Kinda wish someone'd point out on the page where the green knots are.


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