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  • Subject AMW00035nv

    On the upper right corner of the dust structure, looks like a #bowshock arcing left/down mashing in the dust block's corner.

  • Subject AMW0002oau

    I found 2 other objects that have a similar structure (although they are not as "clean"): AMW0000uym and AMW0001lfe

  • Subject AMW0002oa3

    This same structure appears in another image which was posted in Daily Zooniverse:

  • Subject AMW0002oau

    Interesting, what looks like the same structure appears in AMW0002oa3. I had tagged it there 2 months ago with #butterfly

  • Subject AMW00024hf

    Couple of things that could be mini- #bowshock s(or not). One at 11:00 at the top edge, one at 11-12:00 midway from center to top edge.

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